Integral Bridges

Modern design preference is for bridges of moderate span to be constructed without bearings to help to minimise future maintenance. Cass Hayward’s designs for these “integral” highway bridges have been developed for roads projects and in the railways sector where bridges over the tracks are notably inaccessible.

The Andover Off Site Gyratory section 278 works included improvement of the access from the A303 and the construction of the new integral over bridge designed by Cass Hayward. A new bridge providing access to a new Asda store over the River Cynon in Aberdare had been designed earlier adopting similar principles. More recently our designs for new “gauge clearance” bridges for railway electrification have included precast portal frames to replace arches near Oxford and on-line reconstructions with integral connections to reused bridge piers on the Great Western Main Line. Some new off-line bridges have integral connections with new substructures also on the GWR route.

Further examples include the Memorial Bridge, London and the A249 at Sheerness.