Memorial Bridge at Emanuel School, London


Bam Nuttall for Network Rail

Project Description

Emanuel School is located on a wedge of land between the Southampton East London Railway and the Brighton Line in Wandsworth and previously had only one access near the narrow end of the wedge. A new bridge was constructed over the Southampton line to create a safer access to the school and to allow trackside improvement works to be undertaken. The construction was undertaken at a constricted site just south of the busy Clapham Junction as part of a contract including also the highway works and renewal of trackside retaining walls. The new bridge was preassembled on the eastside and launched over the 4 electrified lines.

Cass Hayward Role(s)

  • Detailed design of bridge permanent works including category 2 check
  • Detailed design of highways
  • Detailed design for bridge launch temporary condition
  • Ongoing technical advice during construction including site attendance during bridge launch

Project Statistics

  • Contract Value £8m
  • Completed February 2015
  • Bridge clear span of 24.5m
  • Bridge launch weight 490 tonnes (including 160 tonnes of counterweight) with 27m maximum cantilever. Temporary works included 15.75 nose girder and 2m tail girder

Special Features

  • The vertically inclined alignment of the road was carefully co-ordinated with the design of the bridge to ensure the necessary clearances over the railway were achieved
  • The new bridge was constructed using weathering steel box girders and a composite insitu concrete deck slab
  • Bridge launch included the concreted deck together with completed parapets
  • After launching the bridge deck was structurally connected to the piled abutments to generate an integral structure
  • Precast parapets with high quality white concrete finish also include stainless steel feature panels which are etched to illustrate aspects of the school's history
  • The name Memorial Bridge is mark of respect by the School to the sufferers of the nearby 1988 Clapham Rail Disaster