Railway Bridges

Cass Hayward involvement in the rail sector has predominantly involved design for under-line and over-line bridges on the national UK network and has also included bridges for London Docklands Light Railway, Gateshead Monorail and some private owners typically heritage railways. The over-line bridges have been for roads, footways and cycleways.

Our railway under-line bridge designs have been for bridges carrying new railways, new or replacement bridges carrying existing railways and for widening, strengthening or refurbishment of existing bridges and similarly for over-line bridges. Our commissions have been associated with enhancements, renewals and general asset maintenance projects on the main routes and at stations. Our bridges are constructed using steel, concrete and composite construction and include viaducts and river/estuarial crossings. They are all designed to suit rapid installation as made necessary by the limited time available for working during track possessions and so require extensive offsite manufacture.

Cass Hayward were one of a small number of bridge designers employed by British Rail prior to privatisation in 1997 and we have enjoyed a prominent reputation in this role ever since. We have been regularly involved in production railway bridge design guidance and in the production of Standard Design Details (SDD’s) for Network Rail.