Our History

Cass Hayward & Partners was formed by Phillip Cass and Alan Hayward in February 1983 to build on their success promoting competitive bridge designs to assist Contractors winning major highways projects. We quickly developed through the 1980’s with a team attracted largely from fabricators and contractors and gained advantage from our early intimate knowledge of, the then new, BS5400 limit state Code of Practice for Design of Bridges. Our team grew, retaining popularity with Contractor Clients for competitive and temporary works design, and our prominence then attracted commissions from public sector Clients including Highways Agency, British Rail and Local Authorities.

Significant appointments in a depressed rail sector in the 80’s and 90’s meant we were well positioned when investment increased from about 1997 such that we now enjoy a significant reputation as railway bridge specialists. Similarly the popularity of Design & Construct Contracts has aligned well with our experience and given us many prominent opportunities in both the rail and highways sectors especially for projects demanding method-led designs.

Our core interest and philosophy has not changed over four decades but our team has evolved to meet the challenges of a changing market and our skills have developed to take advantage of the digital revolution. In 2004 the firm changed its business status and we now trade as Cass Hayward LLP.

In 2023, Cass Hayward celebrated its 40th anniversary and the highlight was an evening at St Tewdrics, Chepstow with friends and familty.