Bridge Engineering and Technology

Cass Hayward is fully equipped with modern IT facilities and an integrated network allows efficient communications internally and externally. We have access to a broad range of software to allow us to deliver our bridge design and engineering commissions. For example we use SuperSUITE as a general tool for quick and simple solutions to more routine analysis problems. For more complex analyses we use the extensive finite element capabilities of LUSAS or MIDAS Civil.

Our CAD systems operate in 2D and 3D environments using both Autodesk and Bentley systems and utilise solid-modelling as required to establish structure definition with geometric accuracy and clash detection in the production of engineering drawings for construction. The 3D facility also enables the production of CGI’s to illustrate appearance of structures and the visualisation of complex geometric shapes as an aid to construction professionals – for example for the fixing of reinforcement. The systems are developed to allow application at least at BIM Level 2.