Footway & Cycleway Bridges

Cass Hayward has designed many bridges that have been constructed for use by pedestrians and cyclists in both the highways and rail sectors. Designs have been of all forms to suit the spanning requirements but with steel structures predominantly used to provide slender lightweight visually attractive solutions and minimised length of approach ramps and stairs for the comfort of users. In many cases we have produced the design on behalf of specialist footbridge fabricators for whom attention to detail is vital.

The promotion of cycling has encouraged more of our bridges to be wider and we pay great attention to functionality especially for those with impaired mobility for whom provision of lifts is increasingly preferred to long ramps. Walkways are more commonly lit and feature lighting is sometimes required. We are often challenged by the balance between architectural aspirations and project budgets but find that our efficient structural solutions can make high quality finishes more affordable. Our clients are often design:construct contractors engaged by highways or railway authorities but also include commercial developers requiring access to new residential or retail sites.