Over Road

The new footbridges we design over highways are inevitably controlled by the need to maintain headroom clearance to vehicles below and to avoid collision risks. Minimised maintenance is also important. As a consequence we pursue structural solutions offering minimal depth for longer spans to clear obstacles and high quality offsite manufactured components.

Economical solutions often involve triangulated truss construction with the walking/riding surface at the bottom so that approach ramps and stairs can be of limited length. Alternatively, like our Peek Hill footbridge in Devon, the trusses can be of Vierendeel form without diagonals for improved appearance. We have designed beam bridges where the alignment permits increased depth such as for the vee-legged portal bridge at Tredegar and the multiple spans of Gablecross Cycleway bridge in Swindon. This was of box girder construction made using folded plates and following a snaking alignment to service a new Sainsbury’s superstore. Our cable-stayed projects include structures at Bolton Wanderers FC and at Glasgow Road in Dumphries.