About Us

Cass Hayward comprises a team of engineers and technicians dedicated solely to the design and construction of bridges. The extensive experience of our Principals and senior staff is complemented by the flair and enthusiasm of graduates and other trainees. We attract commissions for the production of practical and efficient designs as well as for feasibility studies and advanced analytical studies. We pride ourselves on the quality of the illustration of our design on engineering drawings.
Cass Hayward designs bridges for road traffic, rail traffic, pedestrians, cyclists and equestrians which are constructed in steel, reinforced concrete, pre-stressed concrete, timber and modern composites. Mechanical bridges including moveable spans and roll-on, roll-off link spans for ports feature significantly in our impressive portfolio of projects. Our team includes specialists in construction methodology and temporary works design.

Cass Hayward have corporate memberships of

The Association for Consultancy and Engineering

Steel Construction Institute

and since 2018 a NCE100 Ranked Company