What we do

As bridge design specialists we can fulfil valuable roles throughout the complete life of a project - from inception to hand back. We are regularly engaged at a variety of different stages to meet our Clients’ particular demands for our skills and capabilities and often starts when the viability of a bridge project is being tested and carries on through the delivery period when we assist constructors realizing our designs. Our routine involvement in the construction engineering and temporary works allows our usefulness to grow as the project proceeds as illustrated below in a table of typical roles/deliverables.

Initiation Stage


  • Project definition
  • Outline concept
  • Feasibility
  • Affordability
  • Extending life
  • Modification

Options Stage


  • Bridge form options studies
  • Peer reviews & advice
  • Alternative design
  • Value engineering
  • Upgrading & strengthening options
  • Bridge modification options
  • Tender designs
  • Constructability studies
  • Methodology options studies
  • Risk analysis

Development Stage


  • Approval in Principle
  • Advanced analysis
  • Alternative design development
  • Value engineering
  • Upgrading & strengthening design
  • Bridge modification design
  • Detailed design for construction
  • Construction & temporary works design
  • Methodology & temporary works design
  • Risk analysis
  • 3D modelling & BIM
  • Independent design checking

Construction Stage


  • Construction stage support
  • Monitoring
  • Works/site supervision
  • Value engineering
  • Upgrading & strengthening monitoring
  • Bridge modification site monitoring
  • 3D BIM visualisation
  • Temporary works design & checking
  • Steel fabrication drawings
  • Risk analysis
  • Concrete & reinforcement fit modelling
  • As constructed drawings
  • Health & Safety File