Research & Codes of Practice & Publications

Cass Hayward have been conducted a number of research projects and design guides for bodies such as BSI, BCSA, CIRIA, ICE, Network Rail, and SCI.

We have prepared the new limit state Underbridge Assessment Code of Practice NR/GN/CIV/025 and related implementation documents for Network Rail. This Code provides a modern limit state approach to assessment of rail bridges in steel, metals, concrete, masonry and timber and is now widely used in the industry. In the development of this document, we undertook a series of research projects including work on the Shear Capacity of Metallic Girders, Study on Track Factors and The Material Properties of Wrought Iron.

Other projects include the drafting of BS 6349-8:2007 Maritime structures. Code of practice for the design of Ro-Ro ramps, Linkspans and Walkways.

Professor Roger Johnson of Warwick University has been Consultant to Cass Hayward since formation of the firm 1983. Professor Johnson is widely regarded as the world’s leading researcher in composite construction and was awarded the elite honour of the Institution of Structural Engineers’ Gold Medal in 2006.